An old woman walks into a bank…

The bank was the most reputed one in the small town.

Clerk: ” May I help you madam?”

Woman:”I want to open an account and deposit $1,000,000.”

Since it was a lot of money, the clerk sent the woman to the manager’s office.

Manager:”Please don’t mind my asking but how do you happen to have such a large sum of money.”

Woman:”I win bets, for a living.”

Manager:”I am confused.”

Woman:”I can bet that you are actually bald and wearing a wig.”

Manager(thinking that she is mad): Well these are real hair, you may check it yourself.”

Woman: How about a bet of a thousand bucks? Tomorrow I will come with my lawyer and check your hair.

Manager, thinking that he would surely win, nodded.

The next day woman walked in with a lawyer. The manager said he was ready and the woman began pulling his hair. Seeing this the lawyer fainted. Manager cried,” What happened to him?OMG.”

Woman: Nothing, I had betted with him that I will pull the hair of the manager of this town’s most reputed bank and he would let me do so. Poor guy just lost half a million dollars.

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