An old woman goes in to see her doctor

The doctor asks, “So, what brings you in today?”

The old woman replies, “Well Doc, you see, I’ve developed the most prolific amount of gas. I can’t help it. I feel as if I am passing gas almost all day long. It doesn’t seem to smell, and they’re always very quiet. But, I’m very uncomfortable with the amount of wind I am passing. In fact, I’ve broken wind three times just while I’ve been here in this room with you.”

The Doctor writes out a prescription, and tells the old woman, “Here, I want you to take these for the next 4 weeks, and come back and we’ll see how things are going.”

At her repeat appointment, the old woman reports back, “Doc, I have to say, those pills you prescribed me haven’t done anything for the volume of gas I’ve been having, and they still don’t make any noise. But, now whenever I pass wind, it smells absolutely terrible.”

“I see,” said the physician. “Well, now that we have your nose working, how about we make an appointment to get your hearing checked?”

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