An old man was contacted by the IRS for some suspicious income… [Quick repost due to spelling error in original]

The old man arrives to his appointment with the IRS representative with his lawyer.

The rep asks how he accumulated so much money without working a job or owning investments.

The old man responds: “I make all my money placing bets”

Rep: “What kind of bets do you make?”

Old man: “I bet you $500 that I can bite my right eye.”

The rep looks at the old man quizzically and agrees to the bet because there is no way he can contort his jaw to biting his own eye!

The old man pulls out his glass right eye and takes a small bite to satisfy the bet.

The rep is a little salty because he didn’t expect to get tricked, but he gives up the $500.

Old man: “How about you win your money back, I bet you I can bite my other eye.”

The rep agrees again because the old man is obviously not blind, so he can’t pull the same trick twice.

The old man pulls out his dentures and bites his left eye!

The rep is extremely frustrated at this point, but he is starting to realize the old man is quite clever.

Old man: “One last try, and I’ll make it easy. I bet you $1000 that I can stand on your desk and pee into that waste bin at the other end of your office.”

The rep is hesitant… But the waste bin is 15 ft diagonal away from his desk and nobody can pee that far… So the rep shakes the man’s hand and lets him up on the desk.

The old man proceeds to unzip his pants and pee all over the rep’s desk!

The rep is so excited! He jumps around with joy knowing that he got all his money back.

However, he notices the lawyer has his head in his hands and is close to tears.

Rep: “Hey, uhh, whatru so bummed about?”

Lawyer: “I made a bet with the old man for $10,000. He bet that he could stand on your desk and pee all over your stuff and that you’d be happy about it.”

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