An old man offered a lady $100 to lick her nipples…

An old man saw a beautiful lady walking down the street of the bar he just walked out of.

He catches up to her and says, “Ma’am, I’ll give you $100 dollars if you let me lick your nipples!”

Stunned, she says, “What kind of dirty old pervert are you?? Absolutely NOT!”

The old man, being persistent said “Fine, $1,000 dollars to lick your nipples! That’s a fair offer.”

To which the lady replied “What kind of woman do you think I am? Leave me alone or I’ll call the cops!”

The old man, still not giving up, says “$10,000 dollars to lick your nipples, final offer!”

The lady’s eyes got huge and she said “Well…. 10 grand is a lot of money….I guess if no one was around us then maybe….”

The old man says “Great! Let’s just go back behind this bar where nobody is and then we’ll be out of sight!”

The old man leads the beautiful lady to the back of the bar.

She says, “Let’s get this over with.”

She drops down her dress far enough to where her breasts are fully exposed.

The old man starts squeezing on them, rubbing his face all over and in between them, pinching the nipples softly with his fingers and kissing all over her breasts.

She finally speaks up and says, “Are you going to lick my nipples or not? Let’s get this over with!”

The old man replied, “Nope! Too expensive!”

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