An old man is sitting on his front porch…

When little Johnny comes walking by carrying some duct tape. “Whatcha got there Johnny?” Asks the old man. “Duct tape. I’m going to catch some ducks ” the old man answers “you can’t catch ducks with duct tape”. Little Johnny shrugs and keeps walking. That afternoon he returns with 2 arm loads of ducks. The old man is amazed. The next day, little Johnny comes by carrying some chicken wire. “Whatcha got there Johnny?” Johnny replies “chicken wire. I’m going to catch some chickens.” The man says “Johnny, you can’t catch chickens with just chicken wire!” Little Johnny shrugs and walks on. That afternoon, here comes Johnny with all the chickens he can carry. The next day, little Johnny comes back down the road. “Whatcha got there Johnny?” To which Johnny replies “Just some pussywillow.” The old man jumps up and yells “Hang on, I’ll get my coat!”

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