An old Lithuanian joke (roughly translated)

Two men of which one had a really bad stutter decided to climb mount everest. They set up at the bottom, waved to everyone who came to wish them luck and started climbing… Around 8 hours of exhausting climbing later the one with the stutter goes “I-I-I f-f-f-f” the other one cuts him off and goes “You see that ledge up there? Once we get on it we’ll take a rest, then you can say what you want.” So they do, about 4more hours later they’re at the ledge and he finally lets the stuttering man speak “I-I-I f-f-forg-got t-t-to p-p-p-pack the t-t-t-tents”. His friend sighs in disappointment and anger, but seeing they have no choice they start climbing back down. About an hour later the stutter once again tries speaking “I-I-I w-w-w” but once again he is cut off by his friend, telling him to not waste his breath and speak once they’re at the bottom, by the time they get down it it’s the morning of the next day, both of them are exhausted and weak, the man looks at the stutter and goes “so what did you want to say back up there?”, the stutter grins and goes “I-I-I w-w-was kid-d-ding”

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