An old lady walks into a bank with a million dollars.

Old lady: “I’d like to make a deposit of a million dollars”

Bank assistant:, “That’s a lot of money. How did you get them?”

Old lady: “I think I should speak to the managing bank director since it’s such a large cash deposit.”

Bank assistant: “Well considering that it is a million dollars you are probably right.”

The bank assistant calls for the director, and after explaining the situation the bank director arrives.

Bank director: “So my assistant tells me you want to deposit one million dollars. May I ask how you came in possession of one million dollars?”

Old lady: “Naturally. I earned them by betting. I actually make a living from betting!”

Bank director: “I find that hard to believe. Want kind of betting do you do?”

Old lady: “All sorts of betting. As an example I’ll bet you 25,000$ that your balls are squared.”

Bank director: “Umm… I don’t… Umm.. Well. Under normal circumstances I don’t bet but this seems so absurd that I’ll agree.”

So the bank director and the old lady shake hand and the director asks how and when this bet should be settled.

Old lady: “Well considering that this is a bet of 25,000$ I’d like my lawyer to be present and when I do the inspection. So how about we meet with my lawyer tomorrow morning?”

The bank director agrees to this, happy to have earned 25,000$ this easy.

Next morning he walks into the office of the locally well respected lawyer and greets the old lady. Not wanting to waste his time, he unbuttons his pants, pulls down his underwear and as the old lady lifts his balls up for inspection he notices the lawyer banging his head against the wall repeatedly.

Quite startled the bank director looks at the old lady and asks

Bank director: “What is going on with your lawyer?!”

Old lady(grinning) : “Oh well. Yesterday I bet him a million dollars that within 24 hours I would be holding the balls of the managing bank director in my very hand…”

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