An old Joke that used to make my friends laugh.

Disclaimer: I am using nationalities, but I mean no offense or disrespect.

3 men die and are sent to hell. American, Bhuddist monk and a russian. They meet the devil. The sevil says:

“I will allow you to leave and go to heaven, if you can endure 3 lashes from my whip without screaming. You can use 1 object to cover yourself with.”

American says: “I will use a concrete wall”. Devil whips once, wall is shattered. Whipps twice, american is screaming in pain.

Monk says: “I will not cover myself, I have spent my life training my body to endure pain.” Devil whipps once, no sound. Twice, no sound. Third whip, not a peep.

Devil congratulates the monk and says he is free to go to heaven. Monk says: “I would like to see how russian handles this, since they always win.” Devil asks the russian: “What would you like to use as cover?” Russian answers: “Obviously, the monk!”

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