An officer running a speed trap stops a car on the interstate for going dangerously slow.

He walks up to the car and sees two very old women. The driver with very thick glasses, and one very pale, wide eyed passenger.

“Ma’am I have to tell you, it’s very dangerous going so slow on an interstate.”

“What do you mean too slow? The speed limit is 10” as she points to a sign. “See?”

The officer chuckles kind-heartedly and responds, “Ma’am that’s the route number, not the speed limit”

The old lady looks embarrassed, but thanks the officer for the correction anyway.

He looks over to the sweating passenger and says, “Is she alright? She’s white as a ghost.”

She pats her friend on the knee and says, “Oh she’ll be alright soon, sir. We just got off of 195.”

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