An Italian, a Mexican, and a Blonde American are working construction.

The three men eat lunch together each day at the top of the building they are constructing.

The Italian opens his lunchbox and exclaims “Seriously!? Spaghetti again? If my wife packs this one more time, I swear I’m jumping off this building.”

The Mexican opens his too. “Tacos again? I’m with you. I’m jumping tomorrow if it happens again.”

The blonde opens up his lunch box and pulls out a PB&J sandwich. “Another PB&J!” He cries. “I’m jumping tomorrow too if I get a PB&J in my lunch again.”

The next day, the Italian opens his lunch, pulls out a tupperware of spaghetti, and jumps to his death. The Mexican pulls out a bag of tacos, and immediately follows the Italian off of the building. The Blonde pulls out a PB&J, sighs, and jumps to his death as well.

A few days later at the funeral, the Italian and Mexican’s wives are in tears. Both exclaim that if they had known, they would have packed something different and the men would still be alive. The women notice the wife of the Blonde, standing there and not shedding a tear.

They ask the wife of the Blonde “How can you not be upset? Your husband is dead because he kept getting the same food!”

The wife of the blonde replies “Don’t look at me. He packed his own lunch.”

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