An Irishman in a bar hears a familiar accent, and says to the guy next to him “Are you Irish, then?”

“That I am”

“Well I”l be, let’s have a whiskey! Where are you from?”


“Me too!, That calls for another drink: Bartender!”

“Where in Dublin”, says the other feller

“Temple Bar”

“Fuck Me! I went to school right there on Milligan Street”

“So did I! That calls fer another drink!”

“who was yer teacher?”

“Miss McGillicuddy”

“Holy Mother of God, she taught me too! Bartender, another round if you please”

At that point another man enters the bar and sits at the other end.

The bartender approaches him, and he says “Evening, John, anything new going on?”

The bartender replies ” Not really, just the Kelly twins getting drunk again…”

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