An exotically dressed prostitute is perusing the meat section of the supermarket, looking perplexed.

The butcher walks over to her and asks, “Can I help you find something?”

The prostitute explains that she while she was selecting some chicken to grill, she realized she wasn’t sure if the meat was from a hen or rooster.

Surprised, the butcher replies, “You know, I’d never considered it myself. I can try and found out if you’d like. Is there a particular reason it matters?”

The prostitute nods, “Thank you, please do. You see, it’s a safety issue for both of us.”

The butcher, puzzled, guesses, “You think the rooster would be contaminated somehow?”

“No, it’s not that at all…,” she explains, “but if my pimp finds out I’ve been sitting at home eating cock all day without getting paid for it, he’ll beat my ass and come looking for the guy who gave it to me.”

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