An Englishman, A Welshman and a Pakistani man…

An Englishman, A Welshman and a Pakistani man are waiting on the maternity ward. Their wives have all given birth, but each baby needed to be taken to the incubator for a time. Now all is well, and each man is excited to take his baby and his tired wife home to rest. Unfortunately, there has been a mix-up, and the babies have been placed in incubators without names on them. The ward sister explains this to them and they all agree that they will be able to know which baby is theirs by site, they are their fathers after all.

The Englishman goes in first (he insists, he is English after all) to collect his baby. When he comes out he is holding what is quite obviously the Pakistani gentleman’s baby. When the Pakistani man and the Welsh man protest he says “I’m sorry, but one of those babies is Welsh, and I’m not taking any f*cking chances!”

Cymru am byth.

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