An Englishman, a Scottish man and an Irish man were captured by a serial killer.

The serial killer said “I will kill you all, but as a final act of kindness I will let you each decide how I will kill you.”

The Englishman accepting his impending death said “I want to die by suffocation, but please make it quick.” So the serial killer picked up a pillow, smothered the face of the Englishman and suffocated him. He then turned to the Scottish man.

The Scottish man said “I want to die by drowning in scotch whisky.” So the serial killer filled up a bucket with whisky and held the Scottish man’s head in the bucket until he had drowned. He then turned to the Irish man.

The Irishman thought for a moment and said “I want to die by being injected with the HIV virus.” So the serial killer locked the Irishman in the room and went to find his final murder weapon. He later returned with a dirty syringe and injected it into the Irish man’s arm. The serial killer said “you may go free. The death that awaits you will be a slow and painful one.” The Irish man looks at the serial killer as he walks out of the door and says “Haha! The joke’s on you! I was wearing a condom!”

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