An Englishman, a Scotsman, a Welshman and a Irishman are captured by Isis.

The executioner lines the men in a row and says that each of them can have one final wish. He starts by asking the Irishman what his wish is.

“My wish is to have 1000 Irish tap dancers tapping during my execution.”

“Granted.” The executioner replied and then proceeded to ask the Scotsman his wish.

“My wish is to have 1000 Scotsman playing the bag pipes during my execution.”

“Granted.” Replied the executioner, and went on to ask the Welsh man.

“My wish is to have 1000 Welshman singing Land of my Farther during my execution.”

“Granted.” Said the executioner, before finally asking the English man what his final wish was to be.

“Kill me first.”

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