An English man, An Irish man and a Scotish man.

An English man, An Irish man, and a Scotish man are sick to death for working on the same building site for years now. The English man Says “Here look at this” pointing at a newspaper ad “Join the Secret service today.” “not very Secret then,” says the Irish man. “no ya goon it’s like a Secret agent, James Bond, 007 Licence to kill,” Says the Scottish man.

The 3 men agree to all try out for the role and skip work the next day, they meet at the site and pass all the Physical Challenges set they now wait in a lounge for the last test.

The English man gets called in first, “Alright bill you passed the Physical, now we have 1 last test for you, we want you to go in there and prove your loyalty to the Service, We have your kids and wife sat down, here is a gun go shoot them.” The Englishman looks at the gun for a few seconds. “You’re mad, I won’t go in there and kill my family, not for anyone” “Very well bill, we are sorry to of wasted your time,”

“Next!”, in comes the Scottish man, he gets slightly further, in the room he goes, about 2 minutes later he comes out crying, “I…I couldn’t do it I’m sorry, I’m not that kind of man.”

Finally, Irish Paddy comes in, ” okay now Paddy, you’ve got to take this gun and kill your wife to prove to us you are loyal”

Paddy agrees and takes the gun,

3 minutes later the men outside hear a loud Scream and outcomes paddy covered in blood, “Woo, Paddy What the fuck happened!?”

“your bloody gun! it didn’t have any bullets in so I had to beat her to death”

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