An English Man, An Irish Man and a Scotchman are caught by cannibals.

The cannibals tell them they will all be skinned alive and turned into canoes and all. Of their insides eaten however, they have one last request before this happens.

The English man says “For my last request I want to have a cigar” the cannibals provide him with this and as soon as its finished they skin him alive and turn him into a canoe.

The Scotchman asks “For my last request I would like a bottle of scotch” again once the scotch is all gone, alas he is turned into a canoe also…

It’s the Irish man’s turn at this point. He looks na t the cannibals and makes his request. “I would like a fork” the cannibals look at him in amazement, such a simple request they thought. They supply him with the fork and he looks at them with a smirk on his face..

He then begins to stab himself repeatedly all over with the fork whilst shouting out “YOU ARE NOT TURNING ME INTO A CANOE”

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