An Arkansas farm boy decides to try his luck in the city.

He gathers up his few possessions, tells all his friends goodbye and buys a bus ticket to Little Rock.

A few months later, his friends are shocked to see him driving back into their little town in a new, shiny red Mustang convertible. They all rush to catch up to him as he parks in front of his parents’ house.

“Damn Jimbo, you must’ve hit it big in the city!” one said. “Nope”, he replied “I couldn’t find a job and was living on the streets. Got all my stuff stoled and didn’t have a penny to my name. It was terrible. That’s why I decided to come home.” “But Jimbo, where’d you get this fancy car?” Another asked. “Well, that’s a funny story.” Jimbo said. “You see, I decided to come back home, but I couldn’t afford no bus ticket, so I set out hitchhiking. Just a few miles outta Little Rock, this pretty woman in this shiny new red convertible stopped to give me a ride. She was really nice and we talked as we were riding along. When we got out into the country she suddenly pulled off the highway onto this dirt road and parked the car. She went and stood in front of the car and took off all her clothes and put them on the hood of the car and told me ‘You can have whatever you want’. Well shit, I took the car! Wouldn’t none of them clothes fit me anyway!”

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