An American woman is standing on a bridge preparing to commit suicide when a local sailor approaches her.

The woman tells the sailor that her boyfriend had left her and she had nothing left in this world to live for, so she was going to jump.

The sailor insisted that she must not do that, and said that tomorrow, he will be going on a ship to Europe, and invited her to come with him to start a new life.

The woman accepted his offer, and the next day he smuggled her onto the boat into one of the life rafts.

The next night when the sailor had finished his work he got some food and snuck it out to her, and the pair made love.

Every night for a month he would sneak food out to her and make sweet love to her.

After the month had passed, the captain found the life raft and the stowaway woman who quickly explained that she was snuck on by one of his sailors and that she just wanted to go to Europe and start a new life.

She explained that every night he would come to her and give her food and that they would fuck every night.

“Damn right, he’s been fucking you,” the captain said, “This boat is the local ferry.”

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