An american goes to britian shortly after the revolutionary war

While walking through the streets, he got looks of disgust, rude comments, or no attention at all. Eventually, one family kindly invites the man over to dinner.They start eating and talking, but the american says he has to use the bathroom. He asks where the bathroom is to go and do his business. When he walks into the bathroom, there are no decorations other than a painting of George Washington. He thinks nothing of it, does his business, and goes back to dinner. The family members all giggled for a while, until one of them says “what did you think of the painting of George Washington?”. The american said it was lovely. “what did you think of the placement?”, said another. “I thought it was quite practical actually”. The family was bewildered by the fact that he was not offended by it. “how was it practical?”, they all said. The american said, “Nothing will make a british man shit himself faster than seeing George Washington!”

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