An american dude, A French dude, and a Japanese dude barely survive a shipwreck…

While clinging to floating debris and paddling towards shore they discuss what they will do to survive. The American dude says: Well, I am a carpenter by trade, so I’ll build us a shelter. The French dude says: Ho-hoh! Yers trulee eez the greatest chef ever! I shall make grand meals to feed us! It gets decided that the Japanese dude would be in charge of supplies. After kicking for hours they finally reach the shoreline, completely exhausted. The Japanese dude gets up and sprints with deer-like speed into the jungle. The American and French dudes look at each other and shrug, then get to work. By the following evening, the American and French dudes have a reasonable shelter, a reliable firepit, and have enjoyed a few good meals. They decide to go on a search for their friend. Hours go by as they trek the thick jungle, no sign of their friend anywhere. Just as they are about to give up, the Japanese guy jumps down from a tree, throws his arms up and yells out: SUPPLIES!!!

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