An American, an Italian, and a German are applying for a job.

In the wake of WWII, the newly founded CIA needed the best of the best. An American, an Italian, and a German have made it to the final round of interviews.

The three are sitting together in a barren room, when an agent walks in.

“Congratulation, each of you have made it to the final round of interviews. To your right there are three rooms. In each room, there is a woman, blindfolded. There is also a loaded revolver. You must kill her. The woman is your mother.”

The American stands up, and with great disgust simply walks out of the room.

The Italian stands up, with conviction, and heads to his door and walks in. In a matter of seconds, he could be heard sobbing. He opens the doors, tears running down his face, and walks out.

The German, looking a bit perplexed, gets up and walks through the door, shutting it behind him. Almost as soon as the door shuts… “Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Then silence…

After a moment, some commotion can be heard, and the sound of wood breaking, followed by… “Slam! Slam! Slam!”

The German walks out of the room, a bit sweaty, but collected. He takes his seat and calmly explains, “The gun was loaded with blanks… so I used the chair. It is done.”

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