Alan Loved his tractors

Alan has been a fan of tractors since he was a young boy. He grew up on a farm and was obsessed with the giant machines. He ate, slept and drank tractors, his room was covered with posters of them, bed sheets, t-shirts, the whole works.

He met a girl, fell in love and eventually got married. She didn’t share his love of tractors quite as much and began to get upset as Alan would spend more time at tractor conventions than with her. Weekends away, and even when he was home all he talked about were tractors.

One day She said “Right! I’ve had enough Alan, I love you to bits, you’re my whole world. But I can’t go on with you spending more time with friggin tractors than with your wife”. She gave him a choice, “It’s me or the tractors Alan, what will it be?”. Alan wasn’t stupid, he replied “Of course it is you my love, I’ll give up tractors, I love you.”

That was the end of tractors for Alan, everything to do with them was GONE. He didn’t know what to do with all his free time, so he and his Wife went for long walks through the country side, occasionally seeing a tractor or two. However he wouldn’t say a word, he genuinely was not interested in them anymore.

One day Alan and his wife were walking through the fields when they noticed a barn on fire, with people inside. With no time to wait for the fire brigade Alan ran down to help the people inside the barn. “You know what to do Alan!”, screamed his wife. Alan knew exactly what to do, he ran into the barn and took in a deep breath. Inhaling all the smoke Alan ran outside and blew the smoke into the air, after doing this a few times he managed to clear the whole barn of smoke and rescue the people inside. They were amazed and very grateful to Alan for his help.

“How the hell did you do that?” asked one of them.

“Oh no problem” he said, I’m an ex-tractor fan”.

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