Al, Ben, Carl, and Dan meet at a bar every Saturday.

Dan is exceptionally optimistic. Every time one of the other three mentions something bad, Dan simply responds, “Could be worse!” This really drives them up a wall.

One Friday when Al returns home from a business trip, he, Ben, and Carl hatch a plan.

The next day Carl goes to the bar alone. “Hey,” says Dan, “where’s Al and Ben?”

“It’s a sad story,” pretends Carl. “Yesterday, when Al returned home, he found Ben in bed with his wife. He was so angry at them that he shot and killed them both. Then, realizing what he had done, he shot and killed himself.”

As usual, Dan responds, “Could be worse!”

Carl is nothing short of shocked. “What?!” he sputters. “He killed his friend, his wife, and himself! How could it be worse?”

“Well,” says Dan, “had he returned home a day early, I’d be dead by now.”

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