After a sleepover, a boy drops a girl at her home

He puts his hand on the wall by the gate for support, leans toward her.

BOY : Can I kiss you?

GIRL: Not now, we’re home.

BOY : Please.


BOY : You were damn sexy in bed today.

GIRL: You too, full of energy. I cannot believe we had four rounds!

BOY : Let me kiss you good night.

GIRL: Someone may be watching, they still think I’m a virgin at home. I haven’t told them we’re going out.

BOY: Ah forget them. What do they know? They’re idiots for saving their virginity until marriage.

(This goes on for a couple of minutes)

Then the girl’s brother makes an appearance.

“Dad says whether you kiss him or not, its your decision, but tell that bastard to remove his hand from the intercom button.”

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