After a long day, a nun goes for a bath ….

Ten minutes in there’s a knock on the door. She looks around to grab her towel but must have left it in the bedroom. She peeps out the window to see who has called. ”Who’s there” she yells

” Hi Sister Kathleen, it’s the blind man ” is the response

” He’s probably looking for some coins to feed himself ” she muses.

Despite the warmth and relaxation of the bath , Sister Kathleen is a woman of God. She will always help her brethren in need.

” One minute” she shouts…” I’m on my way”

She grabs some coins from her bedroom table but her towel is nowhere to be seen

” Sure feck it ” she says. ” He’s blind , he won’t see much”

So she opens the door , coins in hand. As naked as the day she was born…..

Her visitor looks at her and smiles ……

” Nice tits love , where do you want me to hang the blinds “

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