Advice from a Rabbi

A man goes to a respected Rabbi for advice.

“Rabbi, Rabbi, I’m getting audited by the IRS and have to appear in court. Should I show up there in lowly clothes so they think I’m as poor as I say I am? or should I show up dressed my finest so they know I’m a respected businessman that you don’t mess with?”

The Rabbi thinks it over a minute and says “son, just before you, this young woman came to me for advice. She said, ‘Rabbi, what should I wear to bed on my wedding night to please my husband? should I dress modest and plain so my husband knows I’m going to be an honest Jewish mother and observe the laws, or should I wear something sexy to turn him on and give him a little joy?’

I’m going to tell you what I told her: it doesn’t matter what you wear, either way you’re gonna get fucked.”

(It’s my grandpa’s yahrzeit, this was one of his fav jokes)

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