Actual Russian Joke

Four Russians were being pulled in a sleigh by a team of horses in the dead of winter when they noticed a pack of wolves had started chasing them and were slowly gaining.

They knew they needed to lighten the sled so they drew straws and the one with the shortest straw blessed Russia and leapt off the back. He was jumped upon by the wolves and torn to pieces as he was devoured.

Soon, however, the pack, still hungry, took up their chase of the sleigh. They again got closer and closer. Straws were drawn again and the loser blessed Mother Russia and leapt from the back of the sled. The wolves devoured him and still came on, getting closer and closer.

The tallest of the remaining two on the sled said “I guess we should draw straws again.”

“No, that won’t be necessary,” said the shorter man, and he pulled out an AK-47 from inside his parka and blasted all the wolves to smithereens.

“Why did you not do that before?” asked the taller man.

The shorter man reached into his parka and pulled out a liter of Vodka and said, “What? And share a bottle among four?”

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