Abram is coming home in grief and despair

His wife is asking what happened
Oy vey iz mir! – he tells her – So much spending! So much money I am going to lose! Today our rabbi gave a speech: “For many years we are living among Russians but they still don’t like us. And we don’t even know why. I gave it many a thought and decided that it’s because we don’t drink vodka. Next time everyone should bring a bottle of vodka with him, we will empty every bottle into a big bowl and nobody will be allowed to leave until we finish all the liquor.” So I need to buy a whole bottle of vodka! So much spending!

– What a G-d’s fool is my husband! – she answers – Nothing could be simpler. Go buy a bottle of vodka. I will empty it into this here decanter, fill the bottle with water and seal it back accurately so nobody will notice. Then a single bottle of water won’t make any difference in a bowl full of vodka.

Abram cheered up, did as he’s been told, took a bottle of “vodka” with him to the synagogue next time and humbly emptied it in the bowl like everyone else.

Rabbi took a chalice, filled it from the bowl and sipped a bit. Then, in disbelief, sipped much more. Then put the chalice aside and sighed:

– Well, that’s why

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