A zookeeper was making his rounds one day..

When he noticed the female gorilla was very agitated. Having worked with gorillas for many years, he recognised she was in heat. The zookeeper did not wish her to become more agitated, so he began contacting other zoo’s in the area asking if they had a male gorilla.

After many days with no luck, and the female gorilla getting more frustrated, he decided to try his last option. So he tracks down the janitor of the zoo and says to him “Steve, I have to ask you a big favor… I need you to have sex with the female gorilla. It’s worth 2000 dollars.”

The janitor agrees so long as three conditions are met.

“Condition the first…” says the janitor “is that no one cam ever know.”

“Second… I don’t have to kiss her.”

“Finally… I’ll need some time to get the 2000 dollars.”

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