A zoo bought a female gorilla

About a week after buying a gorilla the zookeepers noticed the gorilla became extremely aggressive. There was nothing they could do to console the gorilla. After awhile even when they fed the gorilla it would refuse to eat and throw its food against the wall.

After this went on for awhile the zookeepers decided to bring a professional in. Once the professional came in he told them “This is a female gorilla and she is clearly in heat. You need to get a male here to have sex with her.”

The zookeepers were in quite a bind because they didn’t have the money to buy a second gorilla so they decided to reach out to other zoos and see if they could have one flown in for the special purpose. They called every zoo they could and unfortunately no one would give in to their request.

That’s when one of the zookeepers had an idea. “I’ve got it! You know that big country boy who cleans out the cages? He is almost the size of a gorilla. Maybe he would do it!”

So before closing the zoo that night they approached the man and asked him, “We know this is a crazy request but we are in dire need. The gorilla we just bought is a female in heat and we need someone to have sex with her. We can’t afford to bring a male gorilla in so we were wondering, would you be willing to have sex with her for $500 dollars?”

The man sat for a minute and said, “I’m not sure, honestly I’ve never considered something like this before. Can I have the night to think about it?”

The zookeepers were happy to oblige. “Of course! Take the night to think about it but we need an answer in the morning.”

The next morning the zookeepers came into work and were waiting on pins and needles. Finally they saw the cage cleaner as he came into work and they instantly approached him.

“Do you have an answer?!”

The man replied, “I’ve thought long and hard about this and I think I can do it but I have 2 conditions.”

“Of course!” The zookeepers replied, “anything you want!”

“Alright” said the man, “First, you cannot tell ANYONE about this. I can’t have this get out.”

“Of course, of course!” said the zookeepers, “what is your second request?”

The man took a moment and replied, “I don’t have $500 on me right now, I’m gonna need a week before I can pay you.”

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