A young ranch hand receives his first paycheck

A whopping $1.50. He immediately runs to the nearest brothel and asks the head maiden what he can do with a buck fifty… She dubiously eyes him. “I don’t have anything that cheap.” “Please!” He begs “it’s my first time!” Taking pity she says “Well, there’s a chicken out back…” “I’ll take it!” He says and heads out back for his first “experience”. He finishes and heads home. He returns the following week with his $1.50 and the maiden heads him off. “Since our chicken is dead, I’ll give you five minutes in the peep show.” He nods, hands over the money and heads into a small room with chairs and one way glass. A woman is on the other side dancing erotically in very little clothing. One other person, an old lecherous looking man, is in the room. The young ranch hand sits next to him and says; “This is amazing! I’ve never seen anything like it!” The old man chuckles and says; “You shoulda been here last week, they had a guy fucking a chicken!”

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