A young Naval Officer has just boarded a ship that he will serve on for the next year.

He meets with the captain who gives him a tour, and tells him the way things are done on this ship. After the tour the young officer asks his captain “Sir we’re going to be on this boat for the next year, how do you guys last that long without the company of a woman?”. The captain ushers the young officer to the stern of the ship where there is a barrel with a small hole cut in it. The captain says “ I guarantee that this barrel is far better than any woman you will ever be with, I’ll leave you alone for fifteen minutes, so you can see for yourself”. The young officer is skeptical, but he tries it out, and realizes the captain was right, it was far better than any woman he’d ever been with. He proceeds to use the barrel every day for the next four days. On the fifth day he tries to use it, and it no longer works. He goes and tells the captain, who proceeds to look through his calendar, and responds “Ah, that’s because today is your day in the barrel”.

I hope this hasn’t been told here before, I heard it over the summer at work, and it’s one of my favourites. Apologies if it’s a repost.

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