A young monk joins a monastery

He enters the building and is greeted with a sight of many hardworking monks rigorously copying from seemingly new manuscripts onto paper. He makes his way through the busy scene and heads to the head monk’s quarters.

The head monk greets the new monk warmly and shows him to his writing station. Before the head monk leaves though, the new monk says:

“Pardon me, I don’t mean to intrude. But may I ask you a question?”

The head monk nods in approval.

“Well I was wondering as to why we are copying from relatively new manuscripts? Shouldn’t we be copying from the original texts? Aren’t we just more likely to make mistakes from copying copies?

The head monk ponders this question silently and says:

“I’ve never really thought of that but that’s a very astute observation! I’ll tell you what. I’ll head down to the crypts and take a look at the original texts. If I find any glaring errors then I’ll bring them up and we can copy from them.”

The head monk turns around and heads through the ancient oak doors leading into the crypts.

After an hour or so the monks are starting to worry about the head monk’s wellbeing but decide to wait for a bit longer.

Two hours later, the monks agree that someone should check on him. The new monk volunteers as it was him who suggested this venture in the first place.

The new monk heads down into the crypts, following the flickering torches lit by the head monk. As he nears the bottom, he hears terrible wailing and sobbing. Worried, the young monk hurries and opens the door into a small dimly lit chamber…

On the floor he sees the head monk surround by several opened and bottles of communion wine and a large open ancient tome. The head monk has tears streaming from his eyes and he is sobbing profusely.

The young monk approaches him quickly and says:

“What happened!? Are you hurt??”

The head monk turns to him and looks the young monk in the eyes and says:

“The word was… celebrate.”

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