A young man, who fell in love with this beautiful princess always wished to be her lover, but being the poor peasant that he is, he didn’t believe he could do so.

One day though, he found a mysterious lamp dug somewhere near the ground. He has heard a lot about the legends of genies and believed that rubbing it, might just be the answer to all his wishes. He then proceeded to rub the lamp, where he thought a genie would show up from, but instead though…a genie didn’t show up. What came out was a young looking tiger that flew out of the lamp and told him: “Ask me any question, and I’ll answer truthfully.” The man, shocked by this event, was a bit shaken, but since he was already determined to do whatever he could to win the princess’s heart, he then proceeded to ask the tiger how he can win the heart of the princess. The tiger, hearing his question, nodded and answered him with a wise and serious expression:


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