A young man is visiting his girlfriend at her parent’s home for the first time…

He’s looking for a cup to make some tea in when he notices a long row of handmade cups, each inscribed with what seems like half-words. Just then the girlfriend’s mother walks in, and he asks her what the deal with the cups are.

“Oh those. They are our family cups, one for each member, they’ve been inscribed so we know which is whose.”

She pulls one of the cups down, which says “HIC” on it
“This one’s for little William, whenever he gets a hiccup episode we fill this cup to the brim, he’s always cured when he’s finished it, so it’s his HIC-cup.”

She then pulls down another cup that says “BREA” on it
“This is for Angela, whenever she’s heartbroken she likes to drink hot toddy out of this, so this is her BREA-Cup.”

“Ahh, okay, I get it. But doesn’t your husband get his own cup?”
“Oh he does” The mom replies “It’s the one that says ‘SHUTTHEFU’ on it…”

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