A young man goes into a confessional booth and confesses to the priest that he used the Lord’s name in vain.

“Tell me what happened my child, so we may begin the path of forgiveness.” Said the priest behind the curtain.

“I was golfing,” began the man. “And my first shot went deep into the rough.”

“Ah, and that is where you misused the Lord’s name is it?” Replied the priest.

“No father, before I got to the ball a snake came up and ate it.” Said the man.

“I feel that most men would have reacted in a similar fashion my child.” Responded the priest.

“But that wasn’t it Father,” Exclaimed the man. “An eagle spotted the snake and snatched it up while it was trying to eat the ball!”

“An eagle you say, curious.” The priest mused.

“And that’s not all, the eagle flew over the golf course and the struggling caused the snake to drop the golf ball onto the green!” The man continued. “It almost went right in, only missing the hole by a few inches!”

Before the man could finish his story, a sharp retort snapped out from the other side of the curtain;

“You missed the Godammed two inch putt, didn’t you?

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