A young couple had just gotten married and were ready to spend the rest of the years together…..

… But 2 weeks after the wedding, Old Aunt Maude came to live with them. Aunt Maude was cranky and snapped often, yelled about nothing and insulted them both regularly.
The young couple discussed often what to do about her, as she was straining their marriage. But in the end they always felt bad about kicking her out or putting her in a home because she was family.
21 long, hard years passed. The couple’s marriage was stale and strained. Aunt Maude had truly taken the joy out of their lives. The couple fought often and were miserable, but they held on still.
Aunt Maude finally died and the couple buried her and that was that. On the drive home, the wife worked up her courage and shyly said to her husband, “I don’t want to seem harsh, but I’m truly glad that your aunt finally passed. She really put us through a lot.”
Her husband turned to her in shock. “MY aunt?! I thought she was YOUR aunt!”

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