A young country boy goes into town to sow his oats so to speak.

He makes his way to the local whore house and talks with the madam.

Madam: so this is your first time? Before I let you have your way with any of my ladies, you are going to have to practice.

Country boy: How do you expect me to practice?

Madam: Go out in the woods and find a knot hole in a tree and practice on that. When you think you’ve got the hang of it come on back and I’ll let you have the pick of my girls.

Satisfied with that, the country boy leaves the brothel and heads into the woods, to find a knot hole.

About a week later, the country boy shows back up at the whore house and talks again to the madam.

Madam: So have you been practicing?

Country boy: Yes mam I sure have.

Madam: Excellent, let’s pick out a fine girl for you.

The country boy picks a very pretty blonde girl and they make their way upstairs.

The country boy asks the girl to bend over and pull up her skirt. She does this, and just when she thinks he is about to stick it in, he wacks her in the ass with a stick he had with him.

Young prostitute: what the fuck did you do that for?

Country boy: oh sorry, I was just checking for bees.

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