A young British novice monk stumbles into a time machine and ends up in the modern day US

He comes to in a college dorm, surrounded by students. Although his English is old and very different from modern American English, they manage to communicate well enough, and the students decide to show him around their modern world.

First they take him to a big frat party, a real den of depravity, and the students are worried he’ll be shocked and appalled, but it turns out he was somewhat forced into the clergy, and he’s drinking, chatting to girls. having a great time.

From here they end up in a gay club in town, and the students are sure he’ll be outraged at this open sinfulness, but no. Novice monks get up to all sorts in their dorms apparently, and he’s a pretty laid back guy, live and let live it’s not doing anyone any harm after all. At this point the students are thinking he’s a pretty good guy, they let him sleep on their sofa, and plan on bringing him to school the next day.

So the next day they’re going round a fresher’s fair, looking at various student societies. There’s a chess club, film society, different sports, different activities, until they get to a section with different nationalities and ethnicities, and it this point he stops dead, and tells them he’s done, he wants to go back to his time. the students now think ‘ahh ok, so drinking fine, homeosexuality fine, but the guy’s a racist, oh well’, but they’d got to like him so they try and talk him round.

“Hey I mean, I know you’ve probably never seen black people before, but they’re just the same as you or me, you should really be more open minded about it” says one of the students, to which the monk replies “Black people? There were black people at the party, at the club, who cares. But I have spent most of the first 15 years of my life learning Latin I, and there is no way in hell I’m going to even live in a world where some bastard has invented 9 more of them!”


Came up with this joke myself, basically thought of the punchline and made a joke around it, but would appreciate criticism and improvements!

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