A young boy deposit 100$ everyday in the bank…

One day the general manager noticed the young boy and asked the clerk about him. He then told him that the young boy comes everyday and deposit exactly 100$ each time. So the manager told the clerk to send him the lil boy the next time he comes to the bank. The next day the boy comes in and he’s sent to meet the manager.

The manager : so tell me , how do you get 100$ a day ?

The boy : well, everyday i have a bet with a different guy.

The manager : about what ?

The boy : about the fact that i can kiss my right eye !

Then the manager replies : haha no way…

The boy : we can bet if you really want to…

the manager was confident and gave his consentmenet to the boy… few seconds later the boy takes off his ocular prosthesis and kiss it.

the manager felt so stupid that he asked the young boy to give him back his 100$. The boy agreed to give it back but under one condition.

The boy : Let’s have another bet… i’m pretty sure that you are wearin red girly panties, i’f ‘im wrong i will give you back your 100$ plus another 100$ for this bet.

The manager is feeling over confident cause he knows that he isnt wearing this kind of panties and said yes.

Then the boy said again: but before you get undressed we need to have 10 eyewitnesses to make it legit.

The manager was ok about it and called all his staff. After taking off his pants, the manager felt happy cause he just won 100$, but he then notice that the young boy was so happy about loosing his money that he asked him.

How can you be so happy about loosing your money?

The boy replied : well i had a bet with your staff about how many minutes i’ll need to make you take off your pants… and guess who won ?!

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