A yellow lab, a chocolate lab, and a black lab are at the vet

They’re all meeting each other for the first time making small talk. The yellow lab asks the chocolate lab “so, what brings you to the vet today?”

The chocolate lab replies “I’m in trouble, man. I have this thing with digging holes in my human’s yard, I just can’t help myself. I dig, dig, dig all the time and my human is fed up with it. I think he’s going to get me fixed.”

“Oh, shit!” the other two labs reply.

“What about you? Why are you here?” asks the chocolate lab to the yellow lab.

“My humans are mad because I chewed up the entire house. I’m not kidding, I’ve chewed up the couches, the bed, the walls, their shoes. I can’t help myself. The last straw was when I chewed the bumper off my humans new car. I think they’re going to fix me too.”

The other two dogs shook their heads and said how much that sucked.

Finally both the yellow and chocolate labs ask the black lab about his visit to the vet.

“Well”, the black lab starts, “I can’t stop myself from humping things. Everyday I just hump the shit out of my owners pillows, the couch, my bed. My human went as far as buying me a big teddy bear, but I humped the poor thing to pieces. The other day my human was getting out of the shower when she dropped her towel, when she bent over to pick it up I couldn’t stop myself.”

“Oh shit, man!” the yellow lab gasped.

“They’re really going to get you fixed!” exclaimed the chocolate lab.

“Actually”, started the black lab, “I’m just here to get my claws trimmed.”

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