A woman goes to the store looking to buy vegetables

She walks up the the grocer and says “Excuse me, I would like to buy a pound of broccoli”

The grocer says “Oh I am sorry but we do mot have broccoli anymore. Can i interest you in some cabbage?”

The woman insists “No, I want a pound of broccoli”

The grocer says in a confused manner “But we ran out of broccoli. How about some green beans?”

Again the woman says “No I want a pound of broccoli”

The grocer is starting to get annoyed “Ma’am ..we have no broccoli…how about some brussel sprouts?”

“No….i want a pound of broccoli”

This continues for five minutes making the grocer angrier and angrier until the grocer says this

“Ok ma’am…can you spell dog as in dogmatic?”

The woman looks confused “…uuhhh…yea….D-O-G.”

The grocer than says “Can you spell cat as in catastrophe?”

The woman confused again answers “…..C-A-T”

The grocer than asks “Can you spell fuck, as in broccoli?”

And the woman shouts “THERE IS NO FUCK-IN BROCCOLI”

“Thats what I have been trying to tell you”

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