A woman always has a visit from her lover while her husband is at work.

One day the nine-year-old son hides in the closet to watch what the two are doing … Suddenly the husband comes home and the wife hides her lover in the closet.

The son whispers: “Dark in here …”

The man: “Oh… it’s you! Ehm… yes, you are right. It is dark in here.”

The son: “I have a soccer ball …”

The man: “Good for you.”

The son: “Do you want to buy that?”

The man: “Nah, thank you very much!”

The son: “My father is outside!”

The man: “OK, how much?”

The son: “250$.”

In the next few weeks it happens again that the son and the lover end up in the same closet.

The son: “It’s dark in here …”

The man: “Oh god… yeah, you’re right.”

The son: “I have sneakers.”

The man, mentally sighing: “How much?”

The son: “500$.”

After a few days, the father says to the son: “Take your gear and let’s play soccer.”

The son: “I can’t, I’ve sold everything!”

The father: “For how much?”

The son: “For 750 euros.”

The father: “It is unbelievable how you cheat on your friends, that is much more than the cost. I will take you to church for confession! That will teach you a lesson”

The father takes his son to church, puts him in the confessional and closes the door.

The son: “It’s dark in here …”

The pastor: “STOP THAT SHIT!!”

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