A wolf and a rabbit hated each other…

One day, the pair were walking through an enchanted forest when they discovered a magical frog trapped in a hole. The frog promised to grant them each three wishes if they helped him escape. The two rescued the frog, and after they set him safely on the ground, the frog croaked, “thank you! Now I will grant your wishes.”

The wolf grinned and barked, “I wish I was the only male wolf in this forest.”

“Done,” said the frog, and as if on cue a gorgeous female wolf sauntered towards the group and licked Mr. Wolf on the cheek before returning to the woods.

The rabbit then made his wish. “I wish for a motorcycle.”

“Done,” said the frog, and a motorcycle appeared out of thin air. The wolf laughed and shook his head at the rabbits stupid wish.

“Dumb rabbit!” he laughed, his lust driving him to his next wish. “I wish that I was the only male wolf in the country!”

‘Done,” said the frog, and this time, two female wolves approached, and gave him flirty gazes before walking away.

“And I’d like to wish for a helmet,” stated the rabbit.

“Done,” said the frog, and a helmet appeared on the rabbits head. He fastened it and sat on his motorcycle.

Once again, the wolf laughed at the rabbits wish. “And for my final wish,” he boasted, “I wish I was the only male wolf in the entire world!!”

“Done,” said the frog, and this time three gorgeous wolves appeared from the woods, completely enamored with the male wolf. The wolf prepared himself to leave the woods with them and have the best night of his life.

“And for my final wish,” chittered the rabbit with a grin, revving up his engine. “I wish the only male wolf in the world was gay!”

“Done,” said the frog, and the rabbit zoomed off.

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