A wife is tired of all the problems that need fixing in her house

She asks her husband, “Can you please fix the leak in the bathroom? “, the husband says “Do i look like a plumber?”

She asks him “Well can you please fix the light in the living room, its been flickering for ages?”, he replies “Do i look like and electrician?”

Growing tired she asks him “Can you at least mow the lawn?” again he replies “Do I look like a gardener?, now leave me alone I’ve got to go to work”.

When he comes back from work, the leak is fixed, the light has stopped flickering and the lawn has been cut perfectly, he turns to he wife, “How did you do all this?”

“You know fat Terry down the road, i called him and asked him to do it for me” the husband grows angry and says, “how much have you wasted now?”

“Nothing at all” she says “Terry said he would do it for a chocolate cake or a blowjob” The husband smiles, “He does like his cake old Terry”, the wife replies “Do I look like a baker?”

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