A white and a black guy are standing in front of a gun store…

The black guy says: “I’m just gonna buy something in there. You can just wait here.”.

The black guy comes to the counter and asks the shopowner: “Do you have any rifles?” the owner says:”No”. The black man then asks: “Do you have any revolvers?” the owner again says: “No”. The black guy makes a last effort and asks: “But you have ammunition, right?” the owner says: “No”.

The black guy leaves the store and tells his white friend what just happened and says:”You know what? I think that the shopowner hates black people! Could you walk in and ask him if he is racist?”. The white guy answers with: “Yeah, sure” and walks in and asks the shopowner: “Do you have anything against black people?” the shopowner responds with: “Of course! I can recommend rifles, revolvers and ammunition for your problem.”

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