A virgin man and a virgin woman…

A virgin man and a virgin woman who never saw anyone from the other sex naked before, were riding on a camel through the desert. Then in the middle of the desert, the camel stopped walking and was tired, it was hungry, thirsty and there wasn’t any water or food. They waited for a while, but the camel died. The man and woman were hopeless, they both knew they were going to die. So the man said: “U know, before I die, I want to see a naked woman.” The woman says: oh, before I die, I really want to see a naked man…” So they both put their clothes off and the woman looks at the man. “Haha, what is that thing hanging there?” “Oh, that’s a magical stick, if I put it in something, it can create life”, the man said. Woman: “Then put it in the camel, so we can go home!”

Ps: Sorry my English isn’t very good, I’m from the Netherlands.

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