A very unlucky man with one testicle

This is a very popular joke in Turkish, I’ll try to translate.

There was this very unlucky man who only had one testicle. One day while he was travelling on a plane, the captain makes an announcement and tells that one of the engines of the plane have failed and one person must be thrown off the plane. To pick this person, they write everyone’s seat numbers on papers and put them in a bag. And not surprisingly, the number pulled was this unlucky guy’s seat. He was like “Ahh, man. I will jump only if you know the answer of the question I will ask”. People agree and he asks this question by pointing to one of the other guys in the plane: “How many testicles I and this guy have in total?” Everyone answers confidently:”Four, of course four.” The unlucky man laughs and pulls down his pants revealing his only testicle. The guy he pointed also pulls down his pants and he has three testicles.

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