A very flashy, uber-materialistic, and self-absorbed braggart buys a Ferrari…

He’s driving around town showing off his new expensive ride. He waves at the pretty women with his right hand to show off his big flashy diamond rings.

He pulls over to park and is just relishing every glance he gets. He even calls out to a few people and says, “It’s a Ferrari! You like it?” He loves the attention.

As he’s opening the driver’s side door, a bus flies by and rips the door right off the car.

The guy jumps out and starts screaming at the bus as it continues down the road. “You fucked up my Ferrari, you asshole!!”

A cop who saw the whole thing runs over and the guy is just going on about the crazy bus driver and how he ruined his unbelievably expensive new Ferrari. When he pauses to take a breath, the cop says, “You’re such a materialistic asshole, you don’t even realize that the bus ripped off your entire left arm too, do you?!?”

The guy looks at his bloody left shoulder-stump, pauses for a second, and then shouts, “God dammit!! My Rolex!!!!”

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